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Michael and Leah Warner

Michael and Leah Warner are both lightworkers who want to share their love of healing with everyone!

Both Michael and Leah incorporate various modalities and techniques to bring you a deeper healing experience.  Each session is unique and intuitively tailored to you and the needs of your body, mind and spirit at the time of your session.  Along with energy & light crystals and oracle cards may be used to enhance the session.

Leah is a certified Reiki Master who works with universal light and energy to assist you on your healing journey, whether it be physical or spiritual in nature.  She also clears and balances your chakras and releases stored emotions from your body.  Leah started her healing journey in 2013 when she was trained in Level 1 of Quantum Touch Healing. This opened the door to a love of learning about many modalities including Reiki, Access Bars, Personal & Environmental Clearing, Higher Priestess Practitioner, Certified Oracle Card Reader and End-of-Life Doula.

Michael uses a combination of healing modalities to create his energy fusion healing session, with particular attention to healing physical ailments.  Michael has been training in Reiki Level 1 and 2, Human Energy Body and Edina Healing.

Energy healing is not be used as a substitute for medical treatment.  We will not diagnose or suggest treatment.  

You should continue to see your medical caregiver regularly.

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